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If you've clicked on this link you’ve already realised the potential of web streaming. Nowadays it’s not just about a webcam and boardroom video conference but more a chance to make your own event a live TV programme. Not only that, you can make the programme available for streaming after the event.

Think about it: your conference room is full and you’ve booked an overflow room for delegates due to oversubscription. They want to feel like they’re in the room too so they need ambience, atmosphere, buzz, interaction with the stage platform, visibility of presenters as well as their fellow delegates. We achieve this with a big screen and sound system in the overflow room fed with camera images and clear sound from the main conference room. Not only that, the overflow audience can use roving mics to feed their questions to the main stage.

Now bring in the power of the internet. Not just 100 extra seats in the room next door but 1000, 5000, 10,000 viewers all able to feel the atmosphere and make their own live contributions.

If, like most event organisers, you have an entrepreneurial head, you’ll now realise the revenue-generating opportunities available. Think of regular commercial TV channels and apply a simple sponsorship deal to your event with a pre or mid-stream advert or corner-screen “webcast brought to you by” logo. If it’s a pay-to-attend event you can consider pay-per-view. All viewing statistics can be brought to you live and after the event.

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