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Supplying Us



To create and deliver the highest standard of events to our clients we need to work with good quality and reliable suppliers. We place enormous value on our supply chain and our top suppliers find us returning time and time again to do further business. We want you to enjoy doing business with us and most importantly we must both profit from the business relationship.

If you are a company please read the below paragraphs before trading with us. If you are a freelancer please request our technicians’ charter document as it will be more relevant to you.

1.  Agreement


a. If you have not supplied us before please send us your terms and conditions of trade; we will notify you of acceptance or any queries  within 48 hours.


b. If you have supplied us before please ensure that your terms and conditions of trade are with us and up to date.


c. If there are any changes to your terms, including credit limits, you must inform before we place an order.

2.  Our Request


a. We will contact you with a request for goods or services by telephone or email. If we know the cost we will seek confirmation of this, otherwise we will request a quotation. Please ensure the quotation is communicated within the agreed timeframe. Sometimes we are asked to produce a cost at very short notice so would appreciate your assistance in this case.

3.  Confirmation


a. Once we are satisfied and in agreement with the goods or services to be supplied, the logistics, costs and terms of trade we will notify you by email or fax.


b. If the order is under £150 (including VAT) AND it is being paid by credit card then a Purchase Order is not required; otherwise we will supply you with a Purchase Order number by email or in some cases by telephone. If you are not offered one please request one and insist that it is provided before the supply is made. If you need this number sent to you in a document by email or fax then please request it.


c. With the exception of paragraph 3b, PLEASE DO NOT SUPPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER. If you are unsure as to whether you have had an order placed or are in any doubt about our purchase please speak to the person who requested your goods/services; if they are not available please contact the office and a member of the administrative team will assist.

4.  Cancellation


a. If we cancel the order (a Purchase Order having been issued or a payment made) within 2 hours of the order/payment time we would expect no penalty and any payment made/offered would be repealed or refunded.


b. If we cancel the order later than 2 hours from the order date/payment time we would expect to be penalised according to your terms of trade. If you have no policy then a mutually acceptable resolution must be sought immediately.


c. If a Purchase Order Number has not been issued then we cannot accept any request for compensation.

5.  Supply


a. Please supply the goods/services exactly as ordered. If there is any problem or if you intend to deviate from the agreed goods/services to be supplied please speak to your contact urgently by telephone.


b. If you do not intend to supply on the agreed date for any reason whatsoever please inform us as early as possible

6.  Faults/Problems


a. If we discover a fault, short delivery or any problem with the goods or services delivered or provided we will contact you as quickly as possible, and no later than 24 hours following delivery. Any goods supplied faulty that need to be returned will be quarantined and we will seek your advice on returns policy.


b. Any goods/services provided on site to an event that prove faulty, unusable or short delivered will be notified to you immediately by telephone and a solution sought. If we have made a mistake in ordering then we understand we are liable for replacement costs.


c. If the goods/services delivered are unusable or not what was ordered then we would expect you to be liable for replacement costs.


d. If you find a fault, problem or short delivery from us when returning goods to you then we would expect you to notify us as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours following your receipt of the goods


e. Any dispute over any aspect of supply must be resolved by either or both parties within 5 working days of the dispute notification.

7.  Additions


a. If further goods/services are supplied after the Purchase Order has been issued then it is important that the amount chargeable is agreed in advance and the person who ordered it is notified. The Purchase Order will be adjusted or a new one issued. In either case you will be notified by email.

8.  Your Invoice


a. If you have a Purchase Order number please post your invoice or email direct to If you send it to any other person it is likely to be delayed or mislaid.


b. If pre-payment is agreed then a Pro-Forma invoice must be received before payment can be made.


c. If you have an invoice with numerous Purchase Orders and subsequently a large amount it is helpful if this is split to smaller amounts with 2 or 3 Purchase Orders per invoice.


d. If you email an invoice it must be in PDF, JPG or other un-editable format.


e. If you don’t have a Purchase Order please do not send an invoice. Instead contact the person who ordered from you and obtain a Purchase Order. We will not add PO numbers to your document or edit it in any way.


f. If any invoice amount does not match the Purchase Order amount then the invoice will be rejected.


g. Do not back date or forward date your invoices. We should receive the document within 48 hours of the date/tax point. We reserve the right to reject invoices that are back dated.


h. Invoices must contain all legally required information, tax references and tax break-down. We will reject any invoice with missing, false or incomplete information.


i. Please ensure the terms that you state on your invoice are the terms that have been mutually agreed and accepted.

j. Please include your bank details on your invoice or as a separate document/email if you require payment by direct bank transfer.

k. Please inform us when sending your invoice if you require a receipt by email.

9.  Payment

a. We will pay your invoice by direct bank transfer unless you request an alternative method.

b. If you send a statement of account please post or send direct to

c. If you have any query, wish to confirm receipt of your invoice, request a payment date, please contact the accounts department direct: or 01923 555012.

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