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Three Squared Terms of Business

"We" or "Us" means Three Squared Production Ltd
"You" means you the client, the company or organisation engaging or proposing to engage our services
"£" means British Pounds Sterling
"Week" means calendar week and assumes weekends are non-working days
"Event" means the event for which you are engaging or proposing to engage our services
"Event load-in" means the date/time that we have access to the venue and that we can load equipment in, as advised by you or the venue and as detailed on the quotation document
"Production Manager" or "Project Director" means the person assigned to manage our services provided to your event and whose initials are included in the job reference. This person may or may not attend the event
"Senior Technician" means a nominated on site technician who will make decisions and through whom requests should be made

  • 1.  First Contact: When you contact us for a quotation and provide us with a clear and concise brief by telephone or email we will provide an estimate or quotation for the event within 48 hours if the total event budget is up to £10,000; within 72 hours if the total event budget is up to £20,000; within 96 hours if the total is up to £50,000; within 120 hours if the budget is over £50,000.  If no brief is received and/or we are required to produce an event design we will notify you of an estimated delivery date of an initial proposal.

  • 2.  Site Visit: We will undertake a site survey if requested and submit a site report within 48 hours. If the event is within 30 miles of our base and the event fee comes to more than £2000 we will make no charge; otherwise a nominal charge of £30 per hour, minimum 2 hours, plus travel costs for this service will be made.

  • 3.  Amendments: You may request changes in the specification following a site survey if carried out. Changes will generate a revised estimate or quotation which will be provided to you in the same timescale as (1) or quicker. Revisions will be shown as a suffix to the original estimate/quotation reference.

  • 4.  Agreement in Principle: Following receipt and acceptance of a revised quotation (3) should you wish to engage us to provide the services outlined in the quotation an “agreement in principle” is made. The “agreement in principle” must be in the form of an email clearly showing the quotation reference with its revision suffix from you and is contractually binding inasmuch as we are committed to providing a service on the dates specified in the quotation and you are committed to engaging us in a service for an fee which may go up or down. Either party may also request a Confirmation Document which will need to be completed, signed and returned to us. Following Confirmation you are thenceforth committed to engaging us for the agreed services at the agreed fee and we are committed to supply the agreed services at the agreed fee. Amendments may be made and further fees charged. Your Production Manager will then be confirmed.

  • 5.  Deposit: A deposit may be invoiced immediately, based on the current quotation amount and  receivable as cleared funds no later than 48 hours before the event load-in as per the following table. If subsequent additions are made to the service specification that bring costs above a deposit rate threshold then a further fee may be charged at  the discretion of the Production Manager. 


    * First amount upon confirmation (receivable 48 hours before event load in) - second amount receivable  no later than 48 hours before event load-in

  • 6.  Cancellation: Charges for cancellation of our services for an event are as follows:





    Any deposit funds received prior to cancellation will be reimbursed according to the above cancellation rates and will be subject to an administration fee of £75.00 + VAT

  • 7.   Special Rates: Any non-standard financial terms that are pre-negotiated may override items 5 and 6 and if applicable these will be detailed in a separate document.

  • 8.   Lead-Up: We will continue to receive instructions from you, communicate our logistical plans to you and any other staff, transport and facilities  information you may require relevant to the event. Any "mission critical" instructions to us regarding the event must be communicated by email. This includes timings, specific instructions and requirements. Likewise we will communicate any critical information regarding  venue, facilities, timings etc to you in writing, by email.

  • 9.  Logistics: We will deliver equipment and personnel in a timely manner in order to ensure the facilities are ready by the time they have been requested. Interim timings may slightly differ from those communicated on planning schedules and this may be due to unforeseen circumstances. Our logistics do not in any way reflect a given quoted  item, rather a completed service.  If you require us to transport any of your own equipment we will need to take delivery a minimum of 72 hours before event load-in, and a concise schedule of contents must be emailed to your Production Manager. Once received  the items will be inspected  and a receipt confirmed by email to you. The receipt will detail the physical condition and working order in which the item(s) were received by us. Although we will take every precaution to safeguard your items no responsibility  can be taken for theft  or loss through corruption. Any parking, speeding, weight or driver fines are entirely our responsibility unless agreed in writing before departure.

  • 10.  Event: We will carry out our duties for your event according to the latest agreed  specification and our logistics plan and  any further instructions from you and agreed with your Production Manager.  We will always be 100% committed to ensuring your event runs smoothly.

  • 11.  Additional facilities and requests: If you request any facilities or services on site or within 48 hours of the event date that aren’t already included in the quotation it will be chargeable in addition. If we are required to outsource services or equipment from a different company then we may require immediate payment by credit  card, otherwise a revised, pre-approved quotation will be drawn up after the event and subsequent invoicing. All amounts will be confirmed before any action is taken and your production manager will require a signed note confirming the order.

  • 12.  Equipment/Facilities failure: We will provide as much backup as possible against  facilities failure on site free of charge.  We will also ensure a local supplier is sourced in the case of long distance events and utilise their services if necessary. We will pass on no charge to you in any case of our equipment failure/replacement.  No responsibility may be taken for any consequential  loss of facilities from equipment failure to equipment replacement. If you require "hot backup" equipment, i.e. backup or secondary items that are run in parallel to the equipment being used, these  are chargeable and must be requested at quotation stage. 

  • 13.  Personnel: We will provide staff, retained and subcontracted personnel to operate equipment and  manage delivery of facilities  for your event. These people are carefully selected and will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner befitting their duties and responsibilities. Our "Technicians Charter" is available for all clients to inspect upon  request. To safeguard the integrity  of our services and the success of your event all technical requests must be made to the Production Manager or Senior Technician on site rather than contact the individual technician direct. This allows information  to be fed to the right person at the  right time in the right manner to ensure a smooth communication procedure. Any concerns or complaints about on site personnel should be made immediately to the Production Manager or Senior Technician. 

  • 14.  Your on site staff, guests and clients: Where communication is required between  us and your colleagues, guests and clients  we would prefer if it was made through the Production Manager or Senior Technician. Any communication directly with technicians should be following introduction by Production Manager/Senior Technician or under  supervision by you or your representative. 

  • 15.  Venue: We will communicate with venue staff before, during and after the event if  required and will ensure communications  are polite, requests are clear and concise and follow up is comprehensive. Any problem involving venue’s facilities that cannot be resolved immediately will be communicated to you or your representative on  site. 

  • 16.  Media: Any media (recorded or printed) that is not provided by us should be handed  to us well in advance of the event. It  may not be possible to properly and seamlessly integrate any media supplied on site on the event day in to the presentation. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure "last minute" inclusions are integrated  into the flow of the event provided the  inclusions, for technical reasons, do not jeopardise the successful delivery of the event. Your Production Manager/Senior Technician will work with you to deliver the best solution on the day.

  • 17.  Health and Safety:  Three Squared Production Ltd is committed to assuring the safety of all persons coming into contact with us, our equipment and working practices.  Our Health and Safety Policy is available for inspection upon request. 

  • 18.  Insurance: We are insured against all major risks and copies of our certificates  are available upon request. 

  • 19.  Post Event: We will dismantle and remove all equipment and facilities in a timely manner and  as pre-arranged with you and  the venue. Any recordings or saved media that cannot be handed over immediately after the event will be sent to you within 48 hours of our arrival at our base. Any rendering, minor editing, format conversion or  exporting of media that requires  studio time will be carried out and delivered to you within 7 working days of our arrival at our base.  Any of your items transported back to our premises must be collected within 7 working days of  our arrival at our base. 

  • 20.  Appraisal: We are constantly seeking to improve all aspects of our business and we may forward to you an appraisal form after the event and would be  grateful if you would complete the short  questionnaire. Any issues, problems or queries must be advised to your Production Manager by email or via the appraisal form within two (2) working days of the completion of the event. 

  • 21.  Invoicing: We will send you an invoice for the full fee or balance of the fee based on the latest  quotation within two (2)  working days of the end of the event or according to the schedule in item (5). Any dispute or unresolved issues with financial implication must be addressed immediately and without delay. Resolution should be achieved within 5 working days of the end of the event and  a revised invoice will  be issued to you.

  • 22.  Payment: Payment must be received as cleared funds by the due date indicated on the invoice. We would expect a notification  of payment by two days before payment is received. If we have not received notification of payment by two days prior to expiry of payment terms then we will seek confirmation of payment by telephone. We will  notify you of received funds if you request  this. Any offer of payment constitutes a commitment to pay the invoice in full and without dispute. 

  • 23.  Late payment: If you are unlikely to be able to pay us the full outstanding amount  of your invoice within the agreed terms  then you should contact our accounts department urgently and seek advice. If we do not hear from you by 2 days prior to payment due date then we will assume the payment will arrive as expected. 

  • 24.  Non Payment: If we have not received payment within the agreed terms and received no communication  from you regarding late payment (23) then we will assume you do not wish to complete your contractual obligation and we may seek 3rd party assistance in collecting the debt. In case  of a mistake or miscommunication please contact our accounts department as soon as possible  to resolve. 

  • 25.  Law: All business conducted and connected with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the laws of England.

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